Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) adheres to the following verification principles developed be the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). To ensure that limited financial aid funds are awarded to eligible students in an equitable and consistent manner, all institutions must develop policies for verification of family reported information. Requirements for verification of family-reported information for purposes of qualifying for financial aid must be cost effective, flexible, and based upon acceptance of a reasonable tolerance range for error applied to award amounts. While institutions vary widely by type, students served, and mission, minimum standards for verification must exist for all institutions. Verification procedures will be uniformly applied to all financial aid programs which require demonstrated financial need as eligibility criterion.
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) will verify 100% of the total number of aid applicants selected by the Federal Processor. In addition, we will resolve all comments on the ISIR, conflicting documentation, or the AAMU Financial Aid Staff may question any aspect of an application.
For applicants undergoing verification, AAMU will verify the items specified in the 34 CFR Part 668.56. Specifically these items include for Title IV applicants: AGI; taxes paid; non-taxable income; household size; number in postsecondary education. Additional items will also be verified when there is conflicting documentation on file or items selected by the AAMU Financial Aid Staff.
An applicant is anyone enrolled at AAMU who is also eligible to receive an aid award.
It will be the applicant's responsibility to see that all documents requested are properly submitted with proper signatures. If a Pell or campus-based applicant's dependency status changes during the award year, updating will occur unless that change is as a result of a change in marital status. Household size and number in postsecondary education can only be updated as a result of overpayment discovered during the verification process.
Documentation will consist of signed copies of most income-tax returns as well as the completed and signed appropriate verification form. Some exceptions to documentation may be made in conjunction with what is allowed by federal regulation.
All applicants are encouraged to submit the required forms and documentation as quickly as possible. For campus-based funds, which are made reasonably available to all eligible students within our packaging policy, the application is not complete until the verification process has been completed. Normally, campus-based aid will not be awarded for a semester that is more than half over unless the Financial Aid Director, Coordinator for Information Services, or Coordinator for Administrative Services decided to make an exception. For Pell recipients, the deadline is 120 days from the applicant's last date of enrollment or September 26, whichever comes first. This includes making any necessary corrections, submitting those corrections to the Central Processor, and receiving the new Institution Student Information Record (ISIR). AAMU requires verification to occur before determining eligibility.
No Title IV aid will be released until the student has completed the required verification process.
If a student fails to provide documentation or information within the required time frame, no Title IV aid will be released.
For the Federal Pell Grant Program, the tolerance values will be used in order to pay a student. If the student does not qualify for payment options based on tolerance, then a correction must be filed with the Central Processor.
The AAMU Office of Student Financial Aid will inform a student of what is required for verification, as processing occurs. Documents missing will be noted on the missing item list or document- tracking letter and given or mailed to the student. If during the process of verification or updating, AAMU realizes that a Federal Loan or any other financial aid that exceeds tolerance levels, and/or exceeds the student's need, the student will be notified.
The AAMU Office of Student Financial Aid follows the referral procedures mandated by Federal regulation. Information will be referred to Debt Resolution Services and to the National Student Loan data System (NSLDS) as outlined in the Student Aid Handbook.
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