1.0  Coordinating Units
  1.1  In combination or unilaterally, the below named units will
      determine the extent of employment made available to enrolled students.
  1.1.1  University’s Office of Student Financial Aid
  1.1.2  University’s Office of Financial Services
  1.1.3  University’s Office of Human Resources
  1.1.4  University’s Office of Graduate Studies
2.0  Purpose
2.1  Limited University resources makes it necessary to establish this Policy to insure that all students receive a proportionate and equitable distribution of student aid Funds which includes Work, Grants, Scholarships, and Loans.
2.2  The purpose of this Policy, therefore, is to make certain that no student receives benefits from more than  one Work Program during any defined/approved work period.
3.0  Maximum Work Program Limitation
3.1  During any defined/approved work period, a student who has been selected as qualified to receive work aid on more than one program may choose, in coordination with the Budget Manager, Director, and etc., to receive the benefit of the one (singular) program which provides the greatest benefit. No student,  however, may benefit from more than one program of work at any given time.
3.2  Maximum work limits are set by each program of employment authorized by the University; and, are published in documentation describing that program. The recipient of aid through a program of employment  must familiarize himself/herself with the policy involving each program and select, in coordination with the Budget Manager, Director, and etc., the program which will provide the greatest financial/experience  benefit.
4.0  Paying the Award
4.1  Under no circumstances will a recipient of work assistance be paid from more than one account involving different work programs.
4.2  An exception will be made to pay a student from different accounts within the same program of work. This exception will occur when one account does have sufficient funds to cover the total expenditures owed to the recipient. The necessity to implement this exception must be requested at the time of the student’s  employment so that the different account numbers within the one (singular) program can be debited in  sequence.
5.0  Institutional Liability for Unauthorized Work
5.1  Alabama A&M University will assume no responsibility to pay a student for work performed which has not been authorized/approved by the responsible unit* identified under 6.0.
5.2  In a case where a student performs a job/work which has not been authorized/approved by the responsible unit*, the person who has requested the services of the student will assume the full responsibility for providing compensation.
(*Responsible Unit – refer to the office which has the chief responsibility for approving/authorizing the request for the student to work)
6.0  Notification of the Award
  6.1  Notification of the approval to work will be provided as follows; defining the one (singular) program for which employment has been authorized.
  6.1.1  The Financial Aid Office for the following program:  Federal College Work-Study
  6.1.2  The School of Graduate Studies for the following programs:  Graduate Assistantships  Graduate Fellowships  All other work assistance awarded to Graduate students except as noted in 6.1.1.
For FWS student Employment:
Students must demonstrate financial eligibility, or “need” by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid prior to April 1 for the following academic year since FWS funds are limited.

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study go to the Financial Aid Office, or visit our web page, to see what positions are available.  They are referred to the department they are interested in and are interviewed by the prospective employer for skills and interests.  If the student and the prospective employer agree on employment, they complete the Federal Work-Study Authorization Form, and Federal Work- Study Employment Approval I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form W-4 and/or a Direct Deposit Authorization Form, and submit them to the Financial Aid Office for approval.  Once approved, then students may begin to work.
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